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Lohas LED Smart WiFi Light

Smart led wifi light review

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Do your family have used the Smart Home Furniture? such as smart TV, smart switch and smart lighting, LOHAS LED just manufacture a smart led light. Let’s see what it can do.


  • Lohas smart wifi led light, which can be controlledby smart device, after you install the smart-home app. This light is color-changing, not only can control light brightness (dimming) ,also can control the color, more than 50 colors can be chosen.


  • Tuya smart-homeApp have scene settings, there is 8 preset scenes: reading, party, romantic, leisure……I had used the “reading” scene, the light will turn from cold white into soft warm white, which comfort me for reading. Preset scene may not fit for everyone , but don’t worry, scene can be customized as you like.


  • Control your smart wifi led light easily. If you forget to turn off traditional light then go away for one-week holiday. you may get annoyed when you back by paying the bill. Oppositely, using this wifi control smart led bulb is easy to you to control your light anytime anywhere. Only one click , light will be turn off by wifi signal,no worries.


  • You can share your smart wifi lights access to your family, your friends, or your guest via the app. After sharing the access, they can also control the lights in your house.


Although the Smart Led Light is convenient, there’s a little bit of a drawback of this light. 1, The lights must be placed where cover by WiFi ,and please follow the guidebook to connect light to smart device. 2, the response speed of the light may sometimes get slow, Because the phone and light both connect to network, , sometimes it will delay about 1 second.

This smart light is on sale now. My review may not be exhaustive,but i  hope this article can help you know more about the smart wifi led light.